Gender Roles in Coaching - with Rita Gladstone

In this episode of Racquet Fuel, hosts Kim Bastable and Simon Gale have a conversation with respected USTA Head Pro, Rita Gladstone, who shares about the challenges and joys of working in the racquets industry as a female AND a mom. Since only 20% of the professionals in racquet sports are female, the questions are WHY and WHAT can be done about it? Rita helps us highlight how females can balance a successful career and being a mother, and we discuss how leaders can positively inspire and manage females. 

If you're wanting to know how you can better empower females in the industry, or if you're struggling to balance work and life as a mother, you're going to want to tune in to this episode.


1:58- Gender balance in tennis coaching with a successful female coach
9:03 - Effective leadership and utilizing employees' strengths
10:55 - Leadership and identifying strengths in a tennis program
12:05 - Developing coaches 
14:32- Gender roles in coaching and industry growth
20:26 - Balancing work and family life as a tennis coach
21:57 - Career development for female professionals in the industry
23:47 - Gender disparity in tennis coaching and solutions to increase female representation

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Gender Roles in Coaching - with Rita Gladstone
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