Marketing Racquet Sports - with Padel expert Marcos del Pilar

In this episode of Racquet Fuel, hosts Kim Bastable and Simon Gale have a conversation about the energy behind padel with expert Marcos del Pilar. They discuss how this new racquet sport differs in the United States and Europe and his path for bringing it from Spain to the USTA National Campus where it's become immensely popular. 

If you're wanting to know how your racquets facility can build and monetize a new racquet sport, you're going to want to tune in to this episode.


1:44 - The impact of Padel in the US
7:28 - Challenges in growing pickleball 
12:09- Launching a new racquet sport program and business model 
17:06 - Customer experience and monetization strategies for racquet sports facilities
22:53- Crossover between tennis and pickleball
21:18- Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
24:55 - Leadership, personal growth, and overcoming challenges
27:40 - Attracting new customers and optimizing existing programs at a tennis facility

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Marketing Racquet Sports - with Padel expert Marcos del Pilar
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