The Science of Human Performance with Dr. Jack Groppel

In this episode of Racquet Fuel, hosts Kim Bastable and Simon Gale have a conversation with Dr. Jack Groppel, a researcher, professor, and authority on the science of human performance. They address a number of topics around how we all need to manage our energy for top performance at work within the demanding industry of racquet sports. Jack is an expert on this challenge.

Jack, Kim, and Simon will also touch on the topics of how we, as leaders in racquet sports, can become better than we currently are, and how networking has the possibility to change your life and your career. 

1:46 - Becoming literate in life and personal growth
7:28 - Career path from tennis coach to corporate athlete
11:26 - Work demands and expectation in the tennis industry
15:22 - Leadership, funding, and growth in the fitness industry
17:20- Work-life balance, leadership, and personal growth
21:18- Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
24:55 - Leadership, personal growth, and overcoming challenges

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The Science of Human Performance with Dr. Jack Groppel
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