Managing Multifaceted Racquets Facilities - with Scott McCullough

Scott McCullough, the accomplished CEO of Cliff Drysdale and Peter Burwash International, joins hosts Kim Bastable and Simon Gale to explore the complexities of leadership within the racquets industry. With a global portfolio of over 70 clubs and resort facilities, Scott goes into the importance of understanding the unique needs of each club and embracing technology for operational efficiency. The conversation hits on the significance of empowering leaders, fostering a culture of opportunity, and prioritizing ongoing education and internal mobility. Through Scott's insights in this conversation, you will gain valuable perspectives on navigating the challenges and opportunities inherent in leading a large management company. 

Join Scott, Kim, and Simon as they unravel the intricacies of racquets industry leadership in this insightful episode of Racquet Fuel.

Episode Highlights:
Leadership roles in the tennis industry
Managing many clubs with diverse goals and operation
Fostering a culture of sharing and alignment within a global organization 
Prioritizing employee care, client satisfaction, and business growth
Education and networking with in an organization
Retaining and growing tennis and pickleball professionals
Leadership and tech adoption in the sports industry

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Managing Multifaceted Racquets Facilities - with Scott McCullough
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