Pay and Benefits Compensation feat. Doug Cash

In this episode of Racquet Fuel, hosts Kim Bastable and Simon Gale speak with respected industry consultant and UF-DORS adjunct professor Doug Cash about compensation. This is a vital topic for employees and employers, as Compensation packages dictate employee behavior, and payroll is the largest cost on most club budgets. This includes discussion around Pro pay, pricing strategies, health insurance, and what it means to be a full-time professional. 

00:19 - Tennis industry compensation with expert insights
13:35 - Instructor compensation and pricing strategies
18:11 - Tennis Pro Pay and experience requirements
19:35 - Tennis industry compensation and benefits
27:08 - Health insurance options for small businesses in the tennis industry
28:48 - Tennis teaching hours, pickleball growth, and club needs
32:39: Tennis industry trends and pro pay
36:43 - Tennis interest and participation the US

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Pay and Benefits Compensation feat. Doug Cash
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