Personal Branding and Marketing in Tennis - with Tracy Almeda-Singian

Tracy Almeda-Singian, a former professional tennis player, is now the Senior Director of Sports Marketing at St Jude Children's Research Hospital. She shares her pivotal story about transitioning from a Head Professional and Director of Events at a tennis club to jumping into the corporate world of marketing. While in various roles she has learned many lessons about personal branding, social media, and networking. So why did she chose to leave tennis and how is she continuing to give back? You'll want to tune into this episode to find out.

More Episode Highlights
  • How to live your find passion in your work life
  • The pivotal moment she knew it was time to take a risk
  • Why collaboration and teamwork is essential in any role you're in
  • When to use social media to build your brand as a teaching pro
  • How networking is crucial for career growth in the tennis industry
  • Why learning never stops, especially as it relates to marketing trends
  • How to embrace your identity beyond tennis and find fulfillment in other areas of life
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Personal Branding and Marketing in Tennis - with Tracy Almeda-Singian
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